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Mobile Racking

Mobile Racking System provides for fuller utilization of space by compacting itself with several shelving system and eliminating the passage system. These are easy to move from one place to another. Blue Star is one of the leading Manufacturer of Mobile Compactor in Ahmedabad. We make premium quality mobile racks. Our racks are both manual operated as well as motorized. There comes a steel handle with a stopper which can be rotated to open and close. The main benefit of mobile racks is that it can be easily moved from one place to another. It is durable but light weight.

As a prominent Heavy Duty Racks in Ahmedabad. We provide customized solutions to our customers. The mobile racking is specifically used for low rise shelving allowing the user to access their products quickly. Our racks are powder coated facilitating firm grip and durability. The mobile racking system comes with floor lock which prevents pilferage. We have also provided aisle locks so as to avoid accidental movements of racks.

For delivering the perfect product to our clients, we procure material from trusted vendors only. Our products are durable and long lasting. It is dust free and compact. It can be used to store files and records, accessories, valuable items, etc. It is widely used by chemical industries, pharmaceutical.


  • Portable racking solution
  • Light weight and durable as well
  • Eliminates wastage of space due to aisles
  • Suitable for low rising shelving
  • Locking mechanism on wheels prevent accidental movement
  • Powder coated superior finish