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Drive-in Rack

With drive in racking pallets are placed so that they slide on a rail towards backward so that there is more space arranging them more deeply in the warehouse. This system can be useful when you have similar types of palletized products. It involves forklift for entering the pallets in the racks and to retrieve them which are stored deeply.

We are one of the Best Drive-in Racks Manufacturers providing cost effective solution to high storage density. It works on the principal of accumulation, stacking the items one after other utilizing both space and height. Industrial Storage Racks Manufacturers in Ahmedabad enters or retrieves the load from one side thus creating last in first out method of stocking.

Drive in Racks are best suited to store similar products with the space crunch, fragile products which cant be stored in block stacks, cold storage products etc.


  • Suitable for batch storage, cold storage etc.
  • Cost effective solution
  • High density Storage
  • Efficient use of space due to no aisles in between needed to access of a forklift